FIND Launches New Project In Nimba … Partners With Government Of Japan

(Monrovia, Liberia) The Foundation for International Dignity (FIND), with support from the Government of Japan through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has launched a new project in Nimba County.

“Under the engagement, FIND will conduct situational analysis of the socio-economic and cultural status, as well as local economic development opportunities and challenges in Nimba County, making recommendations on how the local economies can be stimulated for growth and development,” the press release quotes, FIND’s Executive Director, Mr. Roosevelt A.K. Woods, as saying.

FIND, Mr. Woods says,  will also conduct series of focus group discussions,  awareness activities and training in peace building as well as  conflict prevention mechanisms. 

The project, which is titled: ‘Supporting and Strengthening Sub-regional Post-Ebola Medical Surveillance and Socio-Economic Recovery Initiatives in West Africa’, is designed to provide technical assistance and support at sub-regional, national and grassroots level to the three Ebola affected countries, and Côte d’Ivoire. It is intended to assist the countries to address urgent needs in the health, social and economic recovery, conflict prevention and peace building in common border areas.

“In addition, the project seeks to strengthen coherence and coordination between the UNDP Country Offices on cross-border recovery and resilience initiatives in order to assist border communities to better respond to disasters/epidemics,” the press release further quotes Mr. Woods as saying.

“Under the initiative, FIND will work alongside with six strategic borders towns in Nimba County. They include: Dubuzon, Buutuo, Gborplay, Luguato, Kissiplay and Duoplay where awareness activities would be carried out simultaneously,” the press release adds.

FIND is a pro-democracy and human Rights organization working to promote peace, good governance, the rule of law and access to justice in Liberia.

 FIND was established in 2002 as a regional organization to respond to the growing human rights concerns of Liberian refugees. The organization later registered in Liberia as a non-for-profit national organization in October, 2003 following the end of the civil war in the Country.

In responding to the Liberian government decentralization call, FIND constructed its new headquarters in Gbarnga, Bong County, Central Liberia in June, 2011 and subsequently moved from Monrovia in December the same year.

FIND has implemented several projects, including Peace Building, access to justice, democratic governance, general human rights promotion, etc. 

FIND has extensive experiences in conducting consultative meetings/focus group discussions, community forums, stakeholder discussion, round table discussion, radio awareness, preparing awareness materials such as brochures, flyers, etc..

FIND is member of several networks including the National Civil Society Advisory Council of Liberia, the Human Right Advocacy Platform, the Election Coordination Committee (ECC), NARDA, FORUM, and the Transitional Justice Working Group.

Over the years, FIND has established and built strong network with local community structures, and CBOs where it operates. Prominent amongst such structures is the Community Action Committees (CAC) comprising of 12 grass root community advocates in each district of the 15 sub-political division of Liberia. The CACs are comprised of community volunteers who are training to conduct human rights awareness, monitoring, documentation and reporting in Liberia.