"SAY NO" to budgetary allotment for political parties and institutions in Liberia - FIND

The Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) backs calls by Liberians across the country in asking the Honorable House of Senate NOT TO concur with the House of Representative on  the Bill seeking budgetary allotment for political parties and institutions in the country.

We believe this Bill is not in the interest of the Liberian people, many of whom are going through intense hardship and poverty.

We further believe, this Bill,  if concurred by the Upper House and subsequently signed into law by the President,  will undermine the economic development of the country and further enrich a few politicians at the detriment of the greater population who cannot even afford a single meal a day.

Our Honorable Legislators must understand that they were elected by the people to represent them at the highest decision level.

Furthermore, they are the direct employees of the people meaning that they are obligated to initiate broad base consultations on critical issues which tend to affect the country and its economy.

The Political parties sustainability bill is indeed sinister and does not in any way represent the aspiration of the Liberian people, and as such,  should be thrown out of the Legislature immediately.

Our Legislators must prioritize legislations on crucial issues that are affecting the lives of ordinary Liberians. For instance, the reduction of poverty, the restoration of water and electricity supplies throughout the country, the decent work bill, the public code of conduct bill, the implementation of the TRC report amongst others.

In considering providing support to political parties, political institutions  must demonstrate to the Liberian people that they are  service oriented, de-individualized, accountable and transparent in their actions and operations. They must also comply with the electoral laws by publishing their financial statements.

At the same time, we would like to commend the President Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf for suspending several of her public officials for not declaring their assets to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.

We think this move is in the right direction and must be welcomed by every well meaning Liberians, particularly those who are in the vanguard of helping  the government fight corruption and other undemocratic vices that had been attributed to Liberia’s backwardness.

However, we call on the President to go beyond suspending public officials and ensure that those indicted in previous and current audit reports are prosecuted without fear or  favor.

By doing so, we also  think that Madam President would be further   demonstrating her commitment in fighting corruption, which she since declared as  Public Enemy # 1, and thereby reducing poverty.